Automatic tray sealer with vacuum and gas

Automatic tray sealer with vacuum and gas

Technical information

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Die set in anodised aluminium.
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic tray sealer.
  • 25m3/h vacuum pump.
  • Gas flushing entrance, allows M.A.P. system (modified atmosphere packaging).
  • Digital electronic cpntrol panel with 99 memory positions.
  • Automatic sealing system.
  • Automatic film feed.
  • Compact and robust model.
  • Fast heating of the selected temperature.
  • Simple use machine.
  • Allows working with different trays materials types, PP, PET, ALUMINUM…
  • Equipped with wheels for easy displacement.
  • Air compressor required for working.
  • Machine works in three phase.
  • Maximum sealing surface: 380x265mm.
  • Film roll width: 430mm.
  • Power: 1,500W.


Standard die set with profile cut:

  • 1/8 GN (168x130mm) – 4 cavities.
  • 1/4 GN (160x260mm) – 2 cavities.
  • 1/2 GN (320x260mm) – 1 cavity.

We can manufacture any type of special die set according to the customer’s trays.

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Tray sealer with  vacuum for a perfect and more lasting conservation