KS Diaphragm

Karl Schnell

The KS Diaphragm is an attachment which can be used universally for portioning and straight filling. Shape, contoures and product diameter can be selected to 70 mm. The KS Diaphragm is available in execution with up to 6 diaphragm heads. Maximum output is 1.400 portions per minute.

There is also the possibility of product injection – what is called coextrusion.

The KS Diaphragm is appealing due to its newly developed drive concept based on a highly dynamic servo motor. The specification of the shape and the size of the product to be processed is solely through parameter setting in the control. This is accomplished easily on the large touch screen of the filling machine. Laborious mechanical settings while producing and even at product changeover are no longer necessary. Adaptation of the production parameters can be done any time during operations.

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Karl Schnell


Dumplings, meatballs, butter- and cheeseballs, croquettes, Schupfnudeln/Gnocchi, pralines etc.

The electromotive height adjustment of the complete diaphragm unit allows customization to individual requirements (cooking bath, transportation belt).

In addition KARL SCHNELL provides with the KS Belt Conveyor a specific designed attachment for the integration into complete production lines. This ensures safe and hygienic transportation to the following processes.