Meat flatteners

Cutlet flattener

Design: stainless steel with food approved synthetic belts. Various models in widths of 250, 400, 600 and 1000mm. Top and bottom belts are separately driven. Height of passage between the belts is easily and quickly adjustable. Options include discharge conveyor belt, variable belt speed, waterspray, and drip tray. Safe operation because of protective covers and safety switches.

Efficient and simple cleaning through removeable upper and lower conveyorbelts with quick-tensioning system that allows convenient cleaning of the belts.The whole machine is suitable for high-pressure cleaning with water. Construction according to HACCP.

Motors provided with protective covers. Operating cabinet IP 65 positioned above the machines.

Suitable for fresh as well as pre-frozenproducts.


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Flattening of meat will increase its tenderness. In addition, the increased surface area and uniform appearance make the products more attractive. And, last but not least, the short, consistent preparation times result inless weight loss.